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[PAST EVENT] Annual ECHS Earth Carnival Educates and Entertains

On May 2, ECHS Lawndale welcomed over 600 elementary and middle school students from the surrounding Lawndale Elementary School District and Environmental Charter Middle Schools in Gardena and Inglewood to the annual Earth Carnival. Students selected and researched topics, created booths with displays, demonstrations, hosted interactive games and of course – prizes! Earth Carnival is a culmination of months of research and development and is a completely student driven endeavor. Many students presented live demonstrations such as homemade soap making or sifting through beach sand to find plastic particles.

Teachers took a step back for this event as students assembled their creative displays, some wholly committed themselves to their efforts with coordinated costumes. This annual Earth Carnival is even more proof of ECS’ commitment to 21st century learning. Students formed groups and researched topics ranging from deforestation to upcycling, the repurposing of old items to the benefits of flour made from crickets. Students were granted creative freedom to design their displays and create games for the visiting elementary and middle school students.

They put their critical thinking and collaborating skills to the test as they worked together to research and present to younger students, teachers and visitors alike. They demonstrated their communication prowess as they enthusiastically beckoned groups of students to their displays and presented their well-rehearsed information. The students pulled together to make last minute adjustments and review their presentations. It was refreshing to see these bright students cooperating with one another to educate and inspire younger students. We’re proud of ECHS students for promoting environmentalism and setting achievable goals in sustainability with their young counterparts.

ECHS students inspired elementary and middle school students to take a closer look at their immediate environment and to encourage their creativity. We heard one elementary student exclaim, “I wanna go here! I wanna go to this high school!”

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