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Dr. Jane Goodall Visits Environmental Charter High School


On March 20, Environmental Charter High School (ECHS) hosted Dr. Jane Goodall for a rare opportunity for students from ten local schools to interact, listen to and present their environmental projects in partnership with Roots & Shoots, Tree People,Generation Earth and the Jane Goodall Institute.

Jane Goodall, a world-renowned ethologist and conservationist, is best known for her landmark study with the wild chimpanzees of Gombe National Park. Her work has grown over her nearly 60-year career into a global movement to improve communities for humans and wildlife and to protect the environment we share.


Dr. Goodall and her famous stuffed Gorilla, Mr. H, toured the ECHS campus, met with students and planted an Arbutus 'Marina' aka Strawberry Tree. ECHS 12th grade student Ogechi Hubert, who had the honor of naming the tree during the planting ceremony, chose the name  "Chi," meaning "Spiritual Being" in the Nigerian Igbo language.


Following the tree planting, selected student leaders from 10 Roots & Shoots schools presented their projects and received questions, feedback and praise from Dr. Jane. ECS Students presented their environmental projects to Dr. Goodall, which included mapping toxic release in Los Angeles and researching alternative energy.


Dr. Goodall then shared with the audience  as part of her USA Lecture Tour: Tomorrow & Beyond, her pioneering research, her path of never giving up on her dreams and her reasons for hope in these complex times.


"It's amazing that no matter what anyone said, Dr. Goodall never gave up. She helped me see how I myself can change the world with my spirt and my dreams"

-Jessica Soto, 6th Grader, ECMS-Gardena

Roots & Shoots is a global program of the Jane Goodall Institute. Roots & Shoots develops compassionate leadership in young people through the implementation of local service campaigns designed by young people themselves. The program’s proven methodology engages young people in the empowering experience of leading local change through service, they become the kinds of leaders who will make meaningful and ethical choices that help build a better world. The program’s impact is two-fold: on the young person directly by building targeted character and compassionate leadership traits, and ultimately on society as a whole.

Environmental Charter Schools has been a proud partner of Roots & Shoots since 2001. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Goodall we recommend renting Jane’s Journey – a wonderful documentary about Jane and her work.