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Lacey Harris

Counselor & Senior Seminar
BA Liberal Studies, Minor Education Sociology, UC Riverside
MA School Counseling, Loyola Marymount University
Pupil Personnel Services Credential

Initially, Lacey studied and planned to teach elementary education but her college experience as a Resident Advisor and High School Mentor changed her mind. Being able to help students outside the classroom setting for advice and assisting students by providing the resources needed to stay in college became her calling.

Being able to be the bridge of communication in a smaller community amongst teachers, students, and parents to foster positive relationships is truly rewarding. Helping to create a school culture that is fun, safe, and promotes the growth of student development is the motivating factor.

Through LMU connections, Lacey became a counseling intern under the guidance of Mandy Breuer. During her internship, she in a sense was “thrown out to the sharks” able to utilize her skills and knowledge to assist with student support services. She also had a chance to assist at the middle school site, in which I didn’t have too much experience, but ended up loving it! Being around such supportive people, honestly keeps her here motivated at ECS. This is also a great continuous learning experience about being environmentally conscious.

Lacey finds it critical to stay current in the field of counseling and teaching as well. By attending various professional development training and national conferences, she is able to deliver services that are supportive to students and teachers. As a second year counselor striving to be the ultimate expert, she surrounds her self among those that can contribute to her overall growth as an educator.

She has also spent much of her time collaborating with local community organizations to create additional programs on campus that empower students through leadership, cultural awareness, and learning life skills.

When not involved in school, Lacey loves to travel whenever she gets a chance. Africa and Puerto Rico are on her to do list! Lacey enjoys getting together with friends and family, preferably those that like to cook so she doesn’t have to! Hiking has become a favorite hobby. It wasn’t until working at ECS that Lacey really started exploring the outdoors and now really enjoys it.

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