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Laura Bustillos Wise

Teacher, Spanish

B.A., Literature and Languages, Central University of Venezuela
M.A., Teaching, Pepperdine University
Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential

Laura Wise joined ECHS as a Spanish teacher in 2019. After teaching Spanish and music for over ten years, she discovered that teaching is truly one of her greatest joys life. She appreciates all her students and tries her best to understand their emotions and challenges to help them overcome difficulties while providing a positive, warm environment. As an intentional teacher, she enjoys building her lessons towards cultural themes and real-world subjects that students can connect with, as well as interpersonal and presentational writing.

She also feels called to teach because she wants to have a role in shaping the next generations, just as her family had an integral role in shaping who she is today. She takes pride in watching students learn and surpass their educational potential. Laura believes shaping the next generation is a craft that requires time and patience, but there are few jobs as rewarding as teaching. She believes humility and compassion are some of the most important virtues for a teacher; as mentors, teachers are called to be lifelong learners and nurturers to empower the future generation of professionals in our communities.

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