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Michael Badulak

Teacher, Physics & AP Environmental Science
BA, Physics
BS, Curriculum and Instruction
MA, Curriculum and Instruction

Favorite Book: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
Favorite Actor: Gene Wilder
Favorite Food: Any kind of meat with Tikki Masala
Favorite Color: (judging by his wardrobe) Blue

Michael joined ECHS in Fall 2013. He’s taught physics and chemistry previously and loves participating in the Pacific Crest Trail Cleanup project. Out of his many favorite movies, How to Train Your Dragon would be his top choice in all day reruns. Michael has received the Eagle Scout Award and is on the Dean’s List for his Master’s Degree. He enjoys hiking, improvisational comedy, playing video games and watching movies.

I find meaning through science where I can, and where I can’t, I find laughter. I think it’s important to have a zest for life. I find my zest through my passions, which I love sharing with my students – and anyone else who crosses my path. I also find pleasure in car and motorcycle maintenance, and enjoy riding my bike much more than driving my car.

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