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We Couldn’t Be More Proud of ECHS Alumni

Students return to share stories of college, careers, life and success beyond ECHS at our recent Alumni Event.

“The story of ECS doesn’t stop at graduation. It’s still continuing.”

– Mandy Bruer, ECHS Principal

Environmental Charter High School hosted its first ECHS ADDO Networking event for alumni on Friday, January 8th. ADDO takes its name from a Latin term, meaning ‘to add,’ ‘to teach,’ ‘to join,’ ‘to give’ and ‘to inspire.’ Twenty five alumni attended to connect with one another, network and explore career and personal growth opportunities. Our fabulous host, Barsha, was filled to the brim with enthusiastic alums sharing stories and reconnecting after years gone by.





ECHS Alumni, Rudy Sanchez, shared how meaningful it was to come back and visit ECS. “It was really nice to see teachers who were my personal mentors when I was a student there.” Rudy enjoyed connecting with fellow students from from other graduating years, saying ““When I last saw them they were seniors in high school but now they are seniors in college.” The ECS family is growing together! 


[Photo] Alumni Rudy Sanchez (Class of 2011) and Jordan Howard, (Class of 2010), Environmental Charter High School Alumni, at ADDO.

Rudy Sanchez kept the ECS spirit of interdisciplinary learning and service alive at Bucknell University with an academic focus on economics, math and environmental studies. He also served as a Community Organizer at the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy. These experiences fueled his interests in social and environmental justice. Rudy, now a college graduate, finds himself exploring questions like "'How did this city come to be?,' and, 'What are the factors that are shaping income inequality?'"

Rudy, like many other ECS alum, is taking the charge bestowed upon him at ECS to be a steward of his community and of our natural environment. 

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Look out for another ECHS ADDO event in June 2016!

Information will be circulated on the alumni page and on the ADDO Facebook page.

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Environmental Charter High School hosted its first networking event for alumni on Friday, January 8th. It was exciting…